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Focus on week basis

Sometime ago I decided to arrange my free time during the week (mostly evenings) with my hobbies and things to learn. I set each week day with an activity, like Monday for climbing, Tuesday for composing, etc… It doesn’t really work. The problem is that you have to wait a full week to do the… Read More »

Sixth Sense

In my previous work I enjoyed when some coworkers tried “visual things” using a webcamera and a soft to recognize hands, fingers and such. This morning I saw a video with the last research on the field… impressive: Link to the video Which technology will win in the input world? Cameras or multi-touch screens?

Testing (during winter solstice)

What was I doing during the shortest day (in Northern Hemisphere) of the year? Enjoying the “code coverage” used in testing, while traveling to my hometown by train for Xmas. Testing, code coverage… what’s that? you ask. Let me explain. A really important part of developing code is testing the code you write. It’s the… Read More »