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Your head as a RADAR

After several months, Howard discovered many ways to compensate for his hearing loss on one side [ear]. […] “I no longer had to close my eyes if I kept scanning the scene by moving my head in a side-to-side motion, with a very slight up-and-down wave motion.” Composer, ethnomusicologist and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Larnier… Read More »

The book of Self-Sufficiency

In my last Amazon parcel I got the book with the largest name I know: “The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency: The Classic Guide for Realists and Dreamers“. It’s really amusing! It shows you all kind of farm related techniques, from sowing plants to building gates, from butchering a cow to installing wind mills. Moreover… Read More »

A poet who invented the game of Hex

“NAIVE. Naive you are if you believe life favours those who aren’t naive.” – Piet Hein It’s curious to see that some very logical people are poets and abstract creators (maths, music, games, etc) at the same time. Peeking at Piet Hein’s biography, inventor of the game of Hex (also independently invented by John Nash),… Read More »

The world without us

Eventually I read the book “The World Without Us“. In the last few months I’ve read quite a lot of essays, like Freakonomics, Philosopher at the End of the Universe, Wikinomics… but I really wanted to assault this book. Last month I found a copy in Liverpool airport, after looking for it almost 1 hour… Read More »

Book zapping

The other day I was speaking with Jordi, while looking for a firewood heater in Encants flea market, when I realized I’m reading a lot of books at the same time. I knew I was reading more than 1 book, but I didn’t notice the exact amount of reading threads. Let’s enumerate them: · La… Read More »