Monthly Archives: November 2007

A clock with pictures

Last night I had a look at the public Flickr API, just to have some fun. I discovered it’s really complete, with a lot of possibilities, covering different search approaches. You can easily ask the API for info about pictures, and use the results with imagination. On the other hand, I was also interested in… Read More »

Book zapping

The other day I was speaking with Jordi, while looking for a firewood heater in Encants flea market, when I realized I’m reading a lot of books at the same time. I knew I was reading more than 1 book, but I didn’t notice the exact amount of reading threads. Let’s enumerate them: · La… Read More »

Looking at the stars, again

When I was a teenager, I liked astronomy. I used to go outside the city, with some friends, to see the night sky. We carried some stuff (small telescopes, cameras, binoculars, etc) in the car’s trunk, we wore a lot of clothes to avoid the cold in the winter nights, and we enjoyed focusing the… Read More »

The Bible written by Ikea

It may be true… everybody I know has one copy at home: “with an estimated 175 million copies distributed in 2006, the IKEA catalogue is thought to have surpassed the Bible as the most published printed work in the world” …read in the Information Aesthetics blog.

Back lights for my bike

A few moths ago Barcelona’s city council signed a new law for (against) the bicycles. In the last years a lot of people has started to use the bike here, despite the lack of bike paths. Therefore the city council decided to write laws to maintain the order. But Barcelona is not like most of… Read More »


In the last few months I’ve played some games of Diplomacy on an online server called phpDiplomacy. You can reach me out there as “liopic“. Diplomacy is a strategic board game that represent the position of European powers before the World War I. You start leading one of the seven powers, moving a really small… Read More »


KISS : Keep It Simple and Stupid Sometimes I forget this principle. The other day was one of such days. I was trying to solve a problem at TopCoder (a website that runs computer programming contests)… The statement was something like “given n males and m females, sit them down in a circular table, in… Read More »