Monthly Archives: August 2007

DIY level 2: cement

You know when you’ve passed to a new level on do-it-yourself… it’s when you feel able to manage cement. You also know when you start becoming mad… it’s when you feel able to manage cement. Last weekend I committed the biggest DIY project I have ever done. For some weird reason we had parquet floor… Read More »

Arriving at 30

Next week I’ll be 30! I have some ideas for my auto-gift… probably a new camera (a Panasonic FZ-50 or a Fuji S65000), or maybe a real go-board from Kuroki… By the way, if somebody wants to burn his money on me, I have a wish list at 😉

The cooking company

Imagine a big restaurant, with a lot of cooks. There are some bosses managing all the work: assigning the dishes to the individual cooks. So far, this seems quite correct. But imagine the bosses decide to start a individual plate with 3 cooks, who start to heat the frying pan, and then the bosses decide… Read More »

The last days of holidays

One thing to see during summer in Barcelona is the streets’ decoration of the Gracia’s festivals. I spent the Saturday morning walking around this neighborhood, being annoyed by the subtle rain. As previous years, the inhabitants of the streets have created an imaginative world, using only old plastic bottles and other recycled stuff as the… Read More »

5 years without meeting the Mediterranean

One day, during my holidays, I decided to go to the beach. It was a weird decision, because I don’t really like the beach. Too many people, too much sticky sand, too much sun. In the old days I preferred enjoying the beach in the late evening, when everybody is leaving. Also, I got used… Read More »

The most outstanding fireworks, again

I can never miss the “Nit de l’Albà” at Elche’s festivals. Every year I promise myself to come again. It’s worth it! Last year I had an idea: “next year I’ll record some videos to show it to everybody”. Last year I wrote a long description about the fireworks. This year I can offer you… Read More »

This text will change your life

Do you know what a chain of coincidences is? Actually you are alive just by a chain of coincidences: somehow your parents met, fell in love, and you were born. Coincidence over coincidence. You are reading this because of a chain of coincidences, in which you are probably not the main character: for example, maybe… Read More »