Monthly Archives: September 2007

The 28 hours day

The first time I heard about a “28 hour day“, I thought it was just a joke. The thing is that I didn’t realize the fact: 28hours x 6days = 24hours x 7days… until I saw this morning this comic at The basic idea is to be awake 20 hours, and then sleep 8… Read More »

Lack of usability in old traffic signs

“By order of the goverment all carts that move on this street should exactly follow the direction that is showed in the drawn cart, otherwise they will be fined with 3 pounds” – From the Museum of Pottery in Barcelona. Did anybody stop and read the whole text in those times?

The visual instrument

I’m not an easy romantic. Moreover, I don’t follow gadget’s presentations actively. But this morning I’ve fell in mad love with this beautiful piece of technology, the Yamaha Tenori-on. I want one, buahhh!!