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Moral discusions on using foreign WiFis

A friend of mine moved to a new house recently and wanted an Internet connection. He realized there were lots of WiFi nets around his house, so he asked me about a system to discover WiFi passwords. I told him I read somewhere about statistical attacks, and after some googling I find the tool suite “Aircrack”. He thanked me and in 1 hour of sniffing and some seconds trying passwords, his machine answer with a valid password. So now he is using a neighbour cracked WiFi, but “only for email and web-surfing… nothing about P2P”. Is that a crime?

Quite interesting thing to discuss. I commented it to some friends and there are some moral “differences” most people agree:

– If the WiFi is open, most people don’t think it’s a bad thing to connect his laptop (for awhile), but if you crack a WiFi password, you are a ganster at least. Actually in both ways you are stealing bandwidth to an inexpert neighbour. However everybody I know has used sometimes open WiFis… so, is cracking the “bad thing”? Both ways you are stealing his car, it doesn’t matter if he left the door open or if you used a master key. Curiously in Spanish Law there is a difference.

– If you use that cracked WiFi connection just for email, it’s fine. If you use to download porn, it’s a savage action. Does the content of the information moved make the difference? If you steal the car for going to the office is not as bad as stealing for going to kill somebody… really?

New house

Terrace in the evening Having a new job it’s not enough change!

Last monday I finished my moving, with the help of 3 strong friends (Alga, Enric and Jordi), to my new house. A 2-room penthouse with a nice terrace, in front of Montjuic mountain. A really calm place, with a lot of vegetation, where you can’t smell city pollution, almost.

At the moment I’m cleaning the house and unpacking my stuff… so tiring. It will take weeks. But the place’s worth the effort!