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My hammock

It’s summer already, and that means it’s hot, really hot. I read somewhere that when the air temperature is above 27ºC, your head can’t evacuate enough heat, and you have various related problems (can’t sleep, headaches, etc).

My siesta hammockFor me, this is my second 2008 summer. I spent the first one in Costa Rica, in March. It was hot, but I enjoyed napping on a hammock near the beach… that was nice. The curious thing is that some days ago I saw a hammock in a shop window near home, just for 12 euros!

But the problem was: how can I hold it? actually, “where and how”? If I install some kind of hooks in the walls, I’m sure I will destroy some part of the walls when I jump into the hammock. So I decided to invent a way to hold it steadily, without destroying the house’s walls. And today I found it: I bought a rope, and I tied one side to the balcony’s railing and the other side to a wood crossed in the outside of my door. Then I grabbed the hammock to the tense rope with 2 carabiners. And it works!

Happy summer siestas!

Welsh Go Open

Welsh towerLast weekend I went to North Wales to visit my friend (and English former teacher) Vaughan, and we took part in the Welsh Go Open. Luckily we had sunny weather during the sightseeing days, and quite bad weather during the tournament ones. I noticed the quite big difference between the temperature in Wales (around 15ºC) and in Barcelona (27ºC), but it was not really bad.

After visiting some castles and enjoying the green mountains and the sea, he drove to Barmouth, a coastal city. The tournament venue was in a hotel in front of the sea, where hypothetically we were going to enjoy the sea… and we did according to the British Go Association report: I wonder if they know the real enjoyment of the beach; there were only heavy wind and rain. Anyway the tournament, indoors, was really interesting.

I won 3 of 5 games. I’m feeling confident with my game, and this made my moves more serious. I entered as 3 kyu, and in the 1st round I beat another 3 kyu. 2nd round started immediately after the 1st, and I beat another 3 kyu. Then we went to the room, dying of hunger, to eat something. Later we arrived a bit late to the 3rd round, and I didn’t see my opponent level, just the table number. I was near to beat him, and later I verified he was 3 dan! Despite the result I was really happy. On Sunday we had the last 2 rounds, where I forced a 1 kyu to resign, and I failed with another 1 kyu. Vaughan meanwhile won 4 of 5 games, failing just in the last round. A really good tournament for both of us.

Tenori-on in Barcelona, finally

Tenori-on demo at BCNThis evening Jordi and I went to the first demo of the famous Tenori-on in Barcelona. During the presentation everybody looked at the charming machine intensely, almost ignoring the man who was showing the details. The good part was after the speech, when we had the opportunity of holding this instrument and play a little. Addictive! Easy to understand, with a lot of potential. And really beautiful. The bad part is price: 900€ in Spain (I found it for 876€ in Germany). So it’s an expensive, really expensive toy. Maybe in the future, if they build a new version, cheaper (like the new iphone)… I could buy one.

Meanwhile this visual and touchable thing made me think about multi-touch screens. Immediately I started looking for some music program for my Nokia PDA, founding nothing. Maybe I could do something. Also I thought about the comment from Microsoft, that they will focus their new OS for touch screens (despite I’m a happy Linux user). The tenori-on was not to big, just with the ideal dimensions to hold it with both hands and use the thumbs to touch the buttons… 20x20cm… maybe I could find a second hand 11″ touch screen, and try to program something…

Inspiring in different ways, as you see.

More pictures on my Flickr account.