Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s a house?

Why do we need a house? When we start in this world, we live in our parents’ house, and later when we grow up, we try to find our own house. A place to sleep and to keep all your stuff. Is this a social need or it comes in our genes?

Snail looking for moneyWhen I lived with my parents, my personal space was my room, and some other corners of the house. Later I moved to Barcelona, and shared a flat with other people. My house was actually my room, but my flatmates didn’t respect my space, and I have to move to another place. Then I was the rent-owner, and other people came to live in “my” house. All my stuff was in different rooms. I also moved to another house, with all my stuff (including furniture) and lived alone. Is your stuff what defines your house?

Meanwhile I travelled quite a lot, and slept in a lot of different places, from somebody’s high status house to a tent in the jungle. And I felt those places, most of them, as my house. Is a house the place were you sleep?

Finally, I enjoy a lot having visitors in my house. So perhaps a house is the place where you have your stuff, where you sleep and where you host other people.

· Can you put all your stuff in a single suitcase? Then your house can travel with you easily.
· Can you sleep in any place? Then your house can be any place in the world.
· Can you welcome a visitor, and show him/her the city, even staying in a hotel? Then you can feel any city as your hometown.

These days I’m getting a lot of chances to travel and live around the world. From Mexico to Argentina, from Hungary to Korea. And despite I love my house with my beautiful terrace, sometimes I think that my house weighs down my flying spirit. I envy the snails, who travel with a house, but having a camper is not the solution. The solution is to lose weight, to find ways to have less stuff, or to keep it in cheap places. And then, fly!