Monthly Archives: September 2010

Six years

Six years ago I landed in this city. I’m not sure I like cities, but somehow I ended up living close to a mountain, but at the same time I’m not far from the city center. I could say this is the best of two worlds: I can grow plants, I can enjoy nature, but I can enjoy city life. What a contradiction. I like my house, but I like travelling. I like nature but I live in a city.

The different experiences of these six years shaped me. I wonder if I had experienced similar things if I had chosen a different destination. My original idea was to think about Barcelona as a step of my travel to Europe. But it trapped me, six years. How could have I stayed here so long, when the world is waiting for me? So many places to visit, to stay, to experience.

It’s time for new places. But the future is always blurry. I have no idea where I will land this time. But I’m sure it’ll be good, because I will be there.

Travelling tale

I love this tale:

A backpacker was travelling and visited a wise man.
The house only had a small bed and a bowl for food.
The visitor, surprised, asked the wise man:
– How can you live with so few things?
– Your backpack is small, too.
The visitor then explained his case:
– It’s small because I’m travelling.
So do I.