Monthly Archives: November 2011

A testament for my Barcelona life

A couple of months ago I decided to finally jump to another life, to another city. In these days, my last few days in Barcelona, I’m experiencing an hurricane of emotions, regarding things to leave and things to discover. And the most important: people.

I arrived to Barcelona 7 years ago, as a bridge to Europe. My plan was spend a year or two in this city, and then move to some city in Europe, like London or Maastrich. But the feeling of this magic city hugged me. And here I am, 7 years later. But finally I decided to give a try to another city. A city that is not in Europe, but in Asia. Seoul, a city with Soul!

It’s funny to see how I arrived to this situation. Like in a Go game, you make some moves, and life answer with other moves, so later you try to make new moves using your past moves as well as you can.

These days I’m writing my testament for my Barcelona life. I’m giving this chair to Jordi, the microwave to Oscar, the Amelie poster to Ricard, some Go books to Joan, the barbecue to César, the whiteboard to Ramón, the closet to Alex, etc. It’s like I’m splitting myself into a thousand pieces, and spreading them among the people who are truly my great friends. It’s like a funeral, but with a smile. Sad but happy. My stuff will live in my friends’ houses.

And, of course, I’d like to meet you all in my future new house in Asia! 안녕!