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Reading Life & Death Go problems

“Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand”
– Chinese proverb

L&G problemSome weeks ago I borrowed a baduk (Go in Korean) book from my Go teacher. It’s part of a collection of books by Lee Chang Ho (이창호), written in Korean, so I can just understand the diagrams. Luckily this book speaks about life and death, so it’s not difficult to follow. It shows L&D in a way I’ve not seen in English books on this matter. Shows a shape, and starts doing subtle variations (a extra liberty here and there) and surprisingly the way to solve all those similar problems are quite different. Which helps you to think, to calculate the position, to avoid storing the shape in your memory and forgetting about the details.

So, in order to copy some of these interesting problems before I give back the book, I decided to add them to goproblems.comEnjoy them!

Feeling as a senior programmer

NOTICE: Find more in my tech blog:

Here it is a morning conversation with my new Hindi junior coworker. He is in New Delhi, working for us remotely, and I’m teaching him quite a lot of things, and love to discuss about programming problems…

Me – have you read about Composite Pattern?
He – i use to say to my friends that am good at programming, then I found you 🙁
Me – hahaha
He – right now reading Pragmatic Programmer, 🙂
Me – really? really good
He – planning to apply for zend certification so I’ve so much to study
Me – This book changed the way I think about programming

La Maison en Petits Cubes

Perhaps, the only interesting detail to look at the winning Oscar list of each year is the short animation section nominees. Some years this Oscar goes to a western author, but I love when it goes to an Asian author… then I try to find the short on Internet, expecting a beautiful flow of images, metaphors and silk music. Like this year winner, “La Maison en Petits Cubes”:

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

2 more beautiful videos to add to my list of Oscar’s winners or nominees in the animation section.