Monthly Archives: August 2006

Nature is the answer

I live in Barcelona, a city marked with Gaudí’s spirit. Gaudí was a wise architect who studied shapes from nature, as a form of inspiration, and he used them to create new buildings. These shapes, like spiral, helix or hyperboloid, are not only beautiful but also interesting ways to sustain a building’s weight. Both beauty… Read More »

Holidays off

I came back to Barcelona. Holiday time was over. Again to work, to take the metro, to cross among dozens of people in the street. When I arrived I felt like empty, but in a few hours Barcelona filled me with this magic it has. To start with, I had 3 laundries, lots of housework,… Read More »

The land of the fireworks

I’m spending the last week of my holidays in my hometown, Novelda. Like every summer, I got fascinated with different demonstrations of fireworks in Elche’s festivals (a neighbour city, where some of my cousins live). I can assert without doubts “this is the land of unbeatable fireworks”. I went 2 nights to watch these fireworks,… Read More »

Come back to Spain

Finally, after staying for 2 weeks in Bournemouth (UK), I came back to Spain last Saturday. This stay was like a fire-drill (or a trial-run), a way to verify my skills with English language. I was travelling alone, I met some gentlemen Go players, I studied some English, etc. The result, as you can see,… Read More »

The curse of the men’s underwear

One of the most impossible things to find in this life is decent men’s underwear. With “decent” I mean slips or boxers which are neither flat white, nor “gay” multicoloured. Where can I find a nice green or orange slips, please? In Barcelona I go shopping sometimes, but fashion shops don’t have a lot of… Read More »

A curious Zen story

KNOWING FISH One day Chuang Tzu and a friend were walking by a river. “Look at the fish swimming about,” said Chuang Tzu, “They are really enjoying themselves.” “You are not a fish,” replied the friend, “So you can’t truly know that they are enjoying themselves.” “You are not me,” said Chuang Tzu. “So how… Read More »

Absolutely English .vs. Holeness Spanish

English language is more formal than Spanish. You should say/write every single word of a sentence, avoiding “ellipsis” (leave out words). On the other hand, Spanish language uses a lot of ellipsis. An easy example: “I was cooking a paella, when she saw me, and {she} asked me {if I could} teach {her how} to… Read More »

Stonehenge, the 1st computer made by humans?

Today I have visited Stonehenge, one of the most outstanding prehistoric monuments. I spent two hours (by bus) to arrive there, and I can say this journey is paid off. The place is really excellent for astronomy purposes, because it has a perfect horizon, without hills or mountains disturbing the skyline. You can see only… Read More »

Go in Bournemouth

Yesterday I had an excellent time playing Go! I looked for some Go players in Bournemouth (where I’m staying for my holidays), and I found a phone number at the British Go Association website. I rang him and we arranged a meeting. He was totally surprised: he received a call from a player with a… Read More »