Monthly Archives: January 2009

I fell in love with my new flatmate

When I moved to my new apartment I decided to live alone, but sometimes it’s a bit boring. However I didn’t expect to create a space for her, until I met her some days ago while shopping. And now I have a new reason to live!

She is Spaniard, from Salamanca. She is dancer, with strong legs. She has an exquisite taste. She is tender and hard at the same time. There is real content inside of her beautiful body. And she has a happy salty mood. She is so pretty, that sometimes I can’t keep my eyes out of her. I run to the kitchen and when I see her my mouth starts to salivate. Her image is always bouncing in my brain… isn’t that love? Unluckily she will stay here for one month, maybe two months… a pity. I love touching her, smelling her, tasting her all the time, non-stop.

I’ve just taken a picture. But you have to be Spaniard to understand me. Isn’t she hot?

A poet who invented the game of Hex

Naive you are
if you believe
life favours those
who aren’t naive.”
– Piet Hein

It’s curious to see that some very logical people are poets and abstract creators (maths, music, games, etc) at the same time.

Peeking at Piet Hein’s biography, inventor of the game of Hex (also independently invented by John Nash), I discovered his poet side. He created a lot of games, including Hex, Tangloids and Soma cube. But he also wrote thousands of marvelous “grooks” (short aphoristic poems). It’s a pity that his books are out of print… anyway I found a page with a collection of them. Enjoy!

P.S: It reminds me “Proverbios y Cantares” by Antonio Machado (in Spanish) and “Stray Birds” by Tagore.

Half the people you know are below average

Intriguing sentence!

But I should add: if you (like me) are in the 10% of the people with more than 120 IQ, 90% of the people are “worse” than you… really? Could you visualize the faces of 10 friends and say 9 of them are “idiots”? Ok, now I see what you’re thinking: “but I only have clever friends, because I usually befriend with smart people”… really? How many of your friends come from clever social events, and how many you met in just normal places (like school, university, workplace)?

Anyway, why people love comparing himself among others?

A galactic empire of data

Speaking with a friend, an old game came to my mind. 15 years ago I started playing “Elite II“, a space trade game, probably one of the firsts where there is no final objective, just interaction with the world. You could trade items between star systems, do all kind of jobs, improve your ship getting more space cargo and weapons, and travel throught the galaxy, literally. You could fight in battles as well, but this part bothered me. Trading throught the galaxy was the best part. It was full of star systems, with planets and space stations to visit. This was one of the most impressive feature, specially if you take in mind the game came in one 3.5 disk (720Kb), but actually all stars positions were fake, programatically generated, so the only true thing of them were their names. A small pity.

I downloaded it (now it counts as abandonware), and using Wine on Linux I saw again its generated maps. Moreover I’d like to explore its open source “mirror”, Oolite.

Our galaxyI thought it would be nice to create some kind of space trading game using real star data. Of course programing a game takes ages, but maybe I can create a small trading web-game just with some features. So I started to look for some stars catalogs ready to download, with some real data. Finally I found one quite small but with useful data, like the galactic coordinates of every star, and bright magnitude and spectral type. Just playing with gnuplot I got this image of our galaxy (biasing longitude, click to show it bigger). As you can see most of the stars are in the plane of the galaxy, with a dense cluster between -20 and 20 degrees of latitude… so keep your ship in that range!