Monthly Archives: July 2006

Holidays: Bournemouth day 0

Finally on holidays! To start with, I’m going to stay in Bournemouth (in the south of UK) for 2 weeks. I have just arrived and everything seems fabulous. The people, the house, the neighbourhood. Anyway I have to change 2 things in my mind, quickly: 1st is to think in pounds (not in euros) and… Read More »

More on

This weekend has changed its look & feel. Now you can see more information about the music you are listening to. And there are new features! They create a “recommendation radio”, where you can hear new music, and they add a pretty nice fader to filter songs, from popular to obscure. Great! Even more,… Read More »

Sad news from far, good news from near

This week I’ve been reading news about Israel and Lebannon hostilities with sadness. I hope they will finish soon. Some days ago I spoke with a french friend who is living in Damascus, Syria (which is next to both countries). She told me her worries… and we started to speak about political implications, those madness… Read More »

10,000 songs in 10 months

Today I have just broken the 10 thousand songs “barrier” in! I don’t know anybody who has done it. is a website (web 2.0 style) which records the name of every song you play in your computer (you should install a plugin to do this). With this information they made charts, and calculate… Read More »

1001 reasons to beware of your knowledge

At bed-time, I’m reading a Go book called “One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems“. It’s a collection of problems to challenge your mind. The interesting issue is that most problems are quite easy, but anyway you spend a lot of time trying to solve them. Why? Because they make you think, they put in doubt… Read More »

My Go rank in a button!

Yesterday I was at the Chinese Restaurant where all Go players meet every weekend. I played some interesting games with Edu (1 kyu) and César (4 dan). But the most interesting thing happened when Joan arrived. He, who is one of the most active members of the Gofme Go Club, asked me about my Go… Read More »