Monthly Archives: March 2012

Tokyo vs Seoul

After a weekend in Tokyo, I’m going to write some differences I found between these 2 cities…

Tokyo has more … than Seoul
· People sleeping in the subway
· People with weird hair styles
· Prices in restaurants are high, like in Europe
· Railways over the ground
· Strict social etiquette
· Biggest temples
· Non-spicy food
· Bicycles

Seoul has more … than Tokyo
· People using mobiles and tablets in the subway
· Open WiFis (there are virtually no open WiFis in Tokyo; meanwhile in Seoul there is a chance to get free Internet almost 50% of the time)
· Restaurants with really cheap prices, but with good quality
· Technological urban items (like tactile monitors in each subway stop)
· Food vendors on the street
· Details in temple architecture
· Spicy food
· Motorbikes

Both cities are similar in …
· Huge screens in the street, and neon lights
· Skyscrapers
· Perfect public transportation (despite crowded)
· Diagonal pedestrian crossings
· Weird drink machines
· Friendly people

So, both cities are amazing!