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Busy days

I’m really busy. Perhaps too much to be unemployed. Or maybe due to this… – Preparing trips to Madrid (next weekend), UK (June) and Canada (July). – Managing lots of things in the Go Spanish Association committee. Moreover I’m in charge of the national selection, which will take part in the 1st World Mind Sport… Read More »

A PDA with Linux

I’m used to read PDFs while in bed, on my Acer PDA. But its tiny resolution (320×240) didn’t help a clear reading, therefore I started to look for a bigger device, it must be easy to hold but not too big. So I avoided those e-readers, and focused on PDAs with bigger resolution. And then… Read More » a bad UI case

In the last year I flew 24 times. Too many times, according to those ecological footprint quizs. So I decided to give another try to the train, for my usual Barcelona-Alicante trip. Unluckily in Spain the train’s company, “Renfe”, is really prehistoric: there are always delays, tickets are expensive (domestic flights are cheaper and quicker),… Read More »

A clock with pictures

Last night I had a look at the public Flickr API, just to have some fun. I discovered it’s really complete, with a lot of possibilities, covering different search approaches. You can easily ask the API for info about pictures, and use the results with imagination. On the other hand, I was also interested in… Read More »


KISS : Keep It Simple and Stupid Sometimes I forget this principle. The other day was one of such days. I was trying to solve a problem at TopCoder (a website that runs computer programming contests)… The statement was something like “given n males and m females, sit them down in a circular table, in… Read More »

Chinese stealing my code

This page was part of my last project which I developed in my company: Buff catalog. And this page was part of the website of our client’s competitor in China, recently published: KranGear catalog. The funny thing is that their javascript files even include MY comments, in Spanish. The idea was to use a thermometer… Read More »

Time of changes

Post #200, and time of changes. – I’m unemployed now. Eventually I finish my last day in my company. It was somehow a sad day, with lots of “goodbye”, “good luck”, and such… but all my coworkers collect some money and gave me a 200eur voucher for buying a camera! I’ve learned a lot during… Read More »