Monthly Archives: April 2008

Busy days

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I’m really busy. Perhaps too much to be unemployed. Or maybe due to this…
– Preparing trips to Madrid (next weekend), UK (June) and Canada (July).
– Managing lots of things in the Go Spanish Association committee. Moreover I’m in charge of the national selection, which will take part in the 1st World Mind Sport Games in Beijing, after Summer Olympics.
– Taking part in a climbing course.
– Finishing some freelance projects.
– Warming up my big idea to develop. A website about games. Looking for designers and funds for this big project. Having interesting meetings.
– Looking for a new flatmate (Alberto decided to abandon the house at the end of this month).
… and I can continue…

Watching instruments in a plane

While I was flying to Corcovado, in a small airplane, I had the opportunity of looking at the instruments in the cabin. I knew the functionality of some of these flight instruments because I “studied” them when I was a child, from the heavy MS Flight Simulator 4.0 manual.

It’s interesting to discover that when the plane enters in a turbulence zone, or cross clouds, most of the time it gains height! The vertical speed indicator was pointing up and up when we crossed all these thick clouds. You normally think that the plane is going down and down, but actually it’s not true.

So, next time you were in a plane suffering turbulences, remember that it will not fall down… probably.

Chatty pilot