Monthly Archives: February 2009

Assuming mistakes in your games

We are humans“: that’s the summary of this year’s Barcelona Go Tournament. Each year a lot of emotions cross my body the day before and the weekend of the tournament. Meeting again a lot of good people, play serious games, play unofficial games, chat, tell jokes, get delighted by some people explaining some new moves… too many things to express. This time I was really prepared to defend my level, and try to get some points to upgrade it… and I did it. I won in 2 out of 5 rounds, but again stronger opponents.

New joseki, step 1 However I felt I was winning most of my games. I felt confident with my moves, so severe that just looking at my opponents’ faces I realized how scaring my moves were. But I’m a human, a real human, and I made mistakes, that ruined some results. All my opponents were really strong, so that means I’m also strong, sometimes stronger than them. Anyway the luck decided some games, making true the sentence “the winner doesn’t usually win because his smart moves, but because his opponent mistakes“, or better said, “the player who do less mistakes win the game“.

So, the way to handle this is (apart than a smile) to assume you will commit mistakes, and try to prepare plans to recover from them. You don’t only play against your opponent, but also against your own mistakes. Knowing them (the types, the situations when they appear, etc) can help you to avoid them spoiling a game. Discover when you may fail, and prepare a B plan. Easy to say, but hard to apply… but it is the WAY.

“To secure ourselves against defeat
lies in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
is provided by the enemy himself.”
– Sun Tzu (from The Art of War)

Keep your freezer without air!

Freezer Why am I keeping this amount of bottles in my freezer?

Freezer (and fridge) are designed to keep the inside content cool. But it’s funny to realize that most of the content is air. Each time you open the freezer you force to move the inside air with the outside… and the inside temperature rises. How can we avoid it? Keeping a lot of things, in order to minimize the air’s volume. This way the freezer doesn’t “complain” (activates the compressor of the freezing gas) every time the door is opened (even for taking pictures). I’ve chosen water bottles because it’s quite easy item to get at home, but if you can get some concrete blocks or solid bricks, you’ll get an even better result.

With some energy-saving bulbs, this idea and some more ideas, my electricity bill is only 13€ per month.

Idea developed from: 100 ways to reduce your impact (some good and some slack) and “Proper Education” video clip (a remix of Eric Prydz of the classic “We don’t need no education” by Pink Floyd).