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Sintetizando sonidos con FM

Hace un par de semanas me compré un sintetizador nuevo, un Yamaha reface DX. Es de tamaño realmente pequeño, unos 53cm de largo (menos que un brazo), pero eso lo hace realmente transportable. Además puede funcionar con baterías, por lo que te lo puedes llevar al sofá y trastear con él. A pesar de la… Read More »

Mi historia con los teclados

Hace poco me compré un nuevo sintetizador, tras mucho tiempo sin tocar música ni crear sonidos. Volviendo a esta afición, de más de 20 años, pero casi olvidada últimamente, empecé a pensar en todas las máquinas de ruidos que he tenido… Cuando era pequeño mis padres me regalaron el típico teclado Casio, que años después… Read More »

Time of changes

The economic meltdown seems to encourage new ideas to blossom up, making classical product borders less noticeable. I’m focusing on hardware technological products today, but this probably applies to all kind of products, even financial ones. I’m going to show you a couple of interesting examples I saw in the last few days: – Open… Read More »

Tenori-on in Barcelona, finally

This evening Jordi and I went to the first demo of the famous Tenori-on in Barcelona. During the presentation everybody looked at the charming machine intensely, almost ignoring the man who was showing the details. The good part was after the speech, when we had the opportunity of holding this instrument and play a little.… Read More »

The visual instrument

I’m not an easy romantic. Moreover, I don’t follow gadget’s presentations actively. But this morning I’ve fell in mad love with this beautiful piece of technology, the Yamaha Tenori-on. I want one, buahhh!!

Weekend DIY

This weekend is longer, due to the national day of Catalonia festivity. I wanted to compose some music, but I had an ergonomic problem: one of my synthesizers was in an uncomfortable place. This was an excellent excuse to some DIY! Step 1: The ingredients I bought some handles and some “L” supports from Carrefour,… Read More »

More on

This weekend has changed its look & feel. Now you can see more information about the music you are listening to. And there are new features! They create a “recommendation radio”, where you can hear new music, and they add a pretty nice fader to filter songs, from popular to obscure. Great! Even more,… Read More »

10,000 songs in 10 months

Today I have just broken the 10 thousand songs “barrier” in! I don’t know anybody who has done it. is a website (web 2.0 style) which records the name of every song you play in your computer (you should install a plugin to do this). With this information they made charts, and calculate… Read More »