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Uploading music: Jamendo vs Soundcloud

Tweaking the Alesis MicronRecently I got interest again in composing music. Moreover, I wanted to explore some options to publish my music on Internet, so I packed some of my (really) old tracks and tried to upload them to some websites.

The first option could be just to upload the files to and use a Flash widget to let the visitors play the music. The problem in this case is the big use of bandwidth and the lack of “discoverability” by non-related people.

In order to explore other options, I started to search using some premises: a public website, that lets people comment tracks and creative commons publishing options. That discards places like grooveshark or the dying

My album there
Obviously, speaking about copyleft music, Jamendo is the most popular place, and totally free. It has a lot of users that, in theory, creates a nice community. Actually the website is a bit web 1.0 style, with a sometimes uncomfortable navigation. It’s good to listen to an album, but not really easy to listen to a kind of music. Perhaps I got too used to tag’s radios, but I feel that the just 6 radios are plainly not enough, specially if there is no random ordering. But the worst part was uploading my music: it tooks 5 days to publish it, until they validate it! So, not my favourite place, even I got an album review.

Pros: lot of people, totally free
Cons: 1.0 style, painful uploading, just 6 radios

My profile and music there
I discovered this website almost by mistake, while following Moby on twitter; he published his new album on soundcloud. I raised my eyebrows when I see the wave player with the option to comment on a time position of a track: that’s a fantastic idea. I uploaded my tracks and they were published instantly! And I feel the sound quality is slightly better than on Jamendo; I noted less distortion in the beginning of “Jinx” using my 100€ headphones. The site’s navigation is web 2.0 style, but again I feel it’s a bit difficult to find something like tag’s radios. However, on Soundcloud an alternative way to get radios is playing a group tracks. You can license the music as CC or with normal copyright. Finally, if you want to upload more than 2 hours of music, you have to get a pro account: that’s not bad, cause I understand they should get some benefits, and actually the prices are in various ranges, starting at a reasonable 29€ for year. Perhaps I’ll pay.

Pros: nice player, 2.0 style, all kind of publishing options
Cons: not so many users, lack of a real tag’s radios

Limiting the stream

Some months ago I deleted my facebook account. And some weeks ago I removed my account on friendfeed. Why? Despite I liked it, I found out that it took me a lot of time.

Actually the problem is simpler that you could expect: friendfeed is a too good aggregator. That is, it posts all the pictures you add on flickr, and all the entries you do on twitter. And sometimes I wanted to have my “stream” summarized somehow, so I got used to remove quite a lot of the friendfeed’s posts manually. Finally I gave up.

However I think it is a good idea to have some kind of “clippings” manager. And friendfeed was good for this. But I wonder if it’s better to publish here all kind of things, or keep my blog with just my own ideas and set a “clippings” site somewhere else. So for the moment I’m trying the second option, and I created an account on is quite similar to friendfeed, but a bit more focused in just posting clips and less in the feed aggregator and commenting stuff. Let’s see if this fits my logic.