Monthly Archives: August 2009

Games against professional players

Just to keep track of the games I’ve played against professional players… · Wang Runan, Chinese 8p 2004-2005 Winter, BCN’s Chinese restaurant, simultaneous (3 people), 9 stones, I was 7 kyu B+2.5, I did some bad yose moves · Park Sohyun, Korean 2p 2009-Jul-23, La Pedra Go club, simultaneous (6 people), 5 stones, I was… Read More »


Which one is better? a) Use all (or most) of your free days in a row. You totally disconnect from work issues, but when you come back your’ll have a flood in your mail inbox. b) Use them little by little, so do small breaks during the year. You don’t totally forget about work things,… Read More »

The incest paradox, revisited

“You have 2 parents. You have 4 grand-parents. You have 8 grand-grand-parents. In each step you go back in time, the number of your ancestors is doubled. Imagine 3 generations per century. You go back in time 30 generations (1 millennium), and the number of ancestors you had around year 1000 AC is 2^30 =… Read More »

With 2 pros at home

Sometimes live gets interesting. After a lot of weeks working hard (even 11,5 hours per day) to release our new product at work, I was destroyed. And by chance I got the unique opportunity of hosting 2 Korean professional baduk (Go) players. They where just the fresh air I needed! Lee Minjin (5p, 25 y.o.)… Read More »