Monthly Archives: March 2007

A pragmatic programmer

I’ve finished the reading of a brilliant book: “The Pragmatic Programmer“. It’s a collection of really wise tips to help you becoming a better professional. I already follow some of their recommendations, but most of them were new for me. All were really useful, and I could’ve figured out some of them. And this is… Read More »

Lemons for tea

In my parents’ garden there are two lemon trees. One of them produces an incredible quantity of lemons, big and soft. But the other one gives less lemons, and they have a really thick skin, therefore are not really useful… at least this is just what my grandfather says every time that he sees the… Read More »

Irish Go Open Results

I’ve just come back home after spending a weekend in Dublin. Jordi suggested me to go there to enjoy some games with the Irish, and take place in the Irish Go Open, and eventually I went and had a nice time playing. I was really lucky on the board, getting a full score (5 wins… Read More »

Irish Go Open

This weekend I’ll be playing in the Irish Go Open. I hope the weather will be good enough to have a walk between tournament rounds, and do some sightseeing. At the moment, I’m sharpening my tesujis, to fight with style against my red-haired opponents. Unluckily I don’t like beer (due to a weird genetic mutation),… Read More »

Weather over my friends

I don’t know why, but I subscribed to the weather forecast of some European cities where some friends live. It seems like looking at these, I magically connect with their moods. Today is a great sunny day in Barcelona, but it’s an even sunnier day in Alicante, so my family is probably enjoying a nice… Read More »