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10 years to master

You need 10 years to become an expert on a field. No more, no less. 10 years of continuous effort. Think about a famous musician, a famous athlete or even a professional Go player. There is at least 10 years of hard-work in almost all cases before he becomes a star. Looking at this video,… Read More »

Travelling tale

I love this tale: A backpacker was travelling and visited a wise man. The house only had a small bed and a bowl for food. The visitor, surprised, asked the wise man: – How can you live with so few things? – Your backpack is small, too. The visitor then explained his case: – It’s… Read More »

My favourite TED Talks

I discovered TED Talks some years ago. I think the first one I saw was Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice. A really interesting one. But at that time I saw it on youtube. I didn’t explicitly go to the TED Talks website, I just saw some talks on youtube, or google video. Some… Read More »

The “read it all” challenge

Nowadays we don’t read, we scan. Internet is an amazing source of information, but somehow we have evolved our reading to cope with the huge amount of information on the net, not reading deeply any more, and just scanning. This is no news, as everybody has noticed it, and actually the famous usability evangelist, Jakob… Read More »

Limiting the stream

Some months ago I deleted my facebook account. And some weeks ago I removed my account on friendfeed. Why? Despite I liked it, I found out that it took me a lot of time. Actually the problem is simpler that you could expect: friendfeed is a too good aggregator. That is, it posts all the… Read More »

Brain development in Go

People think that playing Go will develop your logical thinking power, that is, the skill used to calculate out sequences. Sometimes they say the effect of playing Go is getting a logical mind, other times the effect of having a logical mind is falling in love with Go. At least this is the usual feeling… Read More »

Barcelona Go Tournament report

Last weekend (February 20th-21st, 2010) 146 players enjoyed the 28th edition of the Barcelona Go tournament; including 80 players from Spain, 35 from France, 20 from Romania, 13 from Czech Republic, and more people from several European countries. The venue was the maths faculty (FME) of the Catalonia Tech University (UPC), which kindly supported the… Read More »

Echoes from the past

[After some posts in Spanish explaining my feelings during my stay in Seoul, I’m returning to write in English] Sometimes I like to see past pictures of people, before I met them. Before you discover the existence of a person, usually you have seen him/her at least a couple of times. I love seeing past… Read More »

Being social on Internet (2009 summary)

Last year was the social webs era on Internet (*). After experiencing some social webs, I could say what some analysts predict: general social webs (like Facebook) will collapse soon, and only subject oriented webs (like Flickr) will continue living. I have previously spoken about some of those websites, like Friendfeed or Facebook. But let… Read More »