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XI Iberoamerican Go Tournament

This year I had the luck of taking part in the Iberoamerican Go Tournament in Costa Rica. It was really interesting to see a non-European Go tournament. Most European ones are too similar, only with the difference of the place. Sometimes one tournament surprises you with side events, or funny details that induce you to… Read More »

Games against professional players

Just to keep track of the games I’ve played against professional players… · Wang Runan, Chinese 8p 2004-2005 Winter, BCN’s Chinese restaurant, simultaneous (3 people), 9 stones, I was 7 kyu B+2.5, I did some bad yose moves · Park Sohyun, Korean 2p 2009-Jul-23, La Pedra Go club, simultaneous (6 people), 5 stones, I was… Read More »


Which one is better? a) Use all (or most) of your free days in a row. You totally disconnect from work issues, but when you come back your’ll have a flood in your mail inbox. b) Use them little by little, so do small breaks during the year. You don’t totally forget about work things,… Read More »

The incest paradox, revisited

“You have 2 parents. You have 4 grand-parents. You have 8 grand-grand-parents. In each step you go back in time, the number of your ancestors is doubled. Imagine 3 generations per century. You go back in time 30 generations (1 millennium), and the number of ancestors you had around year 1000 AC is 2^30 =… Read More »

With 2 pros at home

Sometimes live gets interesting. After a lot of weeks working hard (even 11,5 hours per day) to release our new product at work, I was destroyed. And by chance I got the unique opportunity of hosting 2 Korean professional baduk (Go) players. They where just the fresh air I needed! Lee Minjin (5p, 25 y.o.)… Read More »

The fractal plant

I would really know which plant is this one. Small, with a tubular trunk, and with surprising fractal leaves. I considered it a weed, and was going to remove it from my celery pot. Until I realized such beautiful leaves evolution. In the picture each leaf generation is displayed. In each “floor” of the trunk… Read More »