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The game of Go

XI Iberoamerican Go Tournament

This year I had the luck of taking part in the Iberoamerican Go Tournament in Costa Rica. It was really interesting to see a non-European Go tournament. Most European ones are too similar, only with the difference of the place. Sometimes one tournament surprises you with side events, or funny details that induce you to… Read More »

Los reports del XI Iberoamericano

Este año tuve la suerte de poder participar en el XI Torneo Iberoamericano, en Costa Rica. Durante el evento fui enviando “reports” a la lista española de jugadores de Go,… he aquí el recopilatorio. DISCLAIMER: léase con mucho humor e ironía… Report day -1 Hola, como algunos sabéis, voy a participar en el torneo… Read More »

Games against professional players

Just to keep track of the games I’ve played against professional players… · Wang Runan, Chinese 8p 2004-2005 Winter, BCN’s Chinese restaurant, simultaneous (3 people), 9 stones, I was 7 kyu B+2.5, I did some bad yose moves · Park Sohyun, Korean 2p 2009-Jul-23, La Pedra Go club, simultaneous (6 people), 5 stones, I was… Read More »

With 2 pros at home

Sometimes live gets interesting. After a lot of weeks working hard (even 11,5 hours per day) to release our new product at work, I was destroyed. And by chance I got the unique opportunity of hosting 2 Korean professional baduk (Go) players. They where just the fresh air I needed! Lee Minjin (5p, 25 y.o.)… Read More »

Reading Life & Death Go problems

“Tell me, I’ll forget Show me, I’ll remember Involve me, I’ll understand” – Chinese proverb Some weeks ago I borrowed a baduk (Go in Korean) book from my Go teacher. It’s part of a collection of books by Lee Chang Ho (이창호), written in Korean, so I can just understand the diagrams. Luckily this book… Read More »

Assuming mistakes in your games

“We are humans“: that’s the summary of this year’s Barcelona Go Tournament. Each year a lot of emotions cross my body the day before and the weekend of the tournament. Meeting again a lot of good people, play serious games, play unofficial games, chat, tell jokes, get delighted by some people explaining some new moves…… Read More »

Alicante Tournament aftermatch

Last weekend I took part in Alicante Go Tournament, as organizer and player. People from different cities of Spain (and London) came to play. At the beginning I suffered a lot of stress, due to some later time problems with the venue, but finally we had a smooth tournament, with a familiar mood among 36… Read More »

Welsh Go Open

Last weekend I went to North Wales to visit my friend (and English former teacher) Vaughan, and we took part in the Welsh Go Open. Luckily we had sunny weather during the sightseeing days, and quite bad weather during the tournament ones. I noticed the quite big difference between the temperature in Wales (around 15ºC)… Read More »

Busy days

I’m really busy. Perhaps too much to be unemployed. Or maybe due to this… – Preparing trips to Madrid (next weekend), UK (June) and Canada (July). – Managing lots of things in the Go Spanish Association committee. Moreover I’m in charge of the national selection, which will take part in the 1st World Mind Sport… Read More »