Monthly Archives: June 2007

The struggle to getting ahead

I’m among kyus (pupils) most of the time, but sometimes I’m among dans (masters). Playing with kyus is like chatting, you don’t need to be really concentrated. But if you play with a dan, you shouldn’t loose your concentration, never. Of course, this makes the situation far more interesting. You really fight! When you are… Read More »

The first potato!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve got the first potato of this season! This morning I was moving my 3 potato plants into a bigger box, and I discovered one potato ready to be eaten. I hope I’ll get more and bigger ones (I’m a greedy farmer!) in the new plant box, which is actually… Read More »

Ubuntu rules

I can claim: Ubuntu is the OS with the quickest and painless installation that I’ve ever installed in a PC · I need only some hours to install Ubuntu (with some extra programs). · I used to need a weekend to install Windows (with the pain of looking for drivers). · I used to need… Read More »