Monthly Archives: February 2007

Small societies of clever people

Sometimes I feel playing Go is like speaking Esperanto, in social terms… Some years ago I read some kind of web page regarding language learning. It had a list of different languages, with the pros and cons of learning each one. For example, English is a widely used language, being the facto standard as the… Read More »

The big week of Go in Barcelona

The Barcelona Go Tournament is arriving! This weekend I’m going to participate in the XXV Barcelona Go Tournament. I’m really excited… I’ve been looking forward to this event for months. It’s a wide collection of feelings: fun, nervous, fight!, laughs, hugs, jokes, brain power… A large quantity of people come from different parts of Spain… Read More »

Another Puzzle: Two cities on the desert

To finish with this puzzles row, here is an elegant one. Alberto (my flatmate) set me, and I spent some minutes until I sorted it out: There are two cities in the desert. The inhabitants of the first city always tell the truth. The inhabitants of the second city always lie. You have arrived to… Read More »