Monthly Archives: March 2009

Reading Life & Death Go problems

“Tell me, I’ll forget Show me, I’ll remember Involve me, I’ll understand” – Chinese proverb Some weeks ago I borrowed a baduk (Go in Korean) book from my Go teacher. It’s part of a collection of books by Lee Chang Ho (이창호), written in Korean, so I can just understand the diagrams. Luckily this book… Read More »

Sixth Sense

In my previous work I enjoyed when some coworkers tried “visual things” using a webcamera and a soft to recognize hands, fingers and such. This morning I saw a video with the last research on the field… impressive: Link to the video Which technology will win in the input world? Cameras or multi-touch screens?

La Maison en Petits Cubes

Perhaps, the only interesting detail to look at the winning Oscar list of each year is the short animation section nominees. Some years this Oscar goes to a western author, but I love when it goes to an Asian author… then I try to find the short on Internet, expecting a beautiful flow of images,… Read More »