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The game of Go

10 years to master

You need 10 years to become an expert on a field. No more, no less. 10 years of continuous effort. Think about a famous musician, a famous athlete or even a professional Go player. There is at least 10 years of hard-work in almost all cases before he becomes a star. Looking at this video,… Read More »

Brain development in Go

People think that playing Go will develop your logical thinking power, that is, the skill used to calculate out sequences. Sometimes they say the effect of playing Go is getting a logical mind, other times the effect of having a logical mind is falling in love with Go. At least this is the usual feeling… Read More »

How to sell Go? An amateur market study

As I said in my previous post about spreading Go, looks like nobody has done a real “market study” about selling Go. It’s really easy to realize there are 3 separate “targets”, perhaps 4, based on the age, and for each case a different approach has to be applied. · Children They do not decide,… Read More »

How can we spread Go?

The population of Go players in Asia, specially in Korea, China and Japan, is enormous, compared with the tiny group of people who plays Go in Europe and America. Why? How can we spread Go effectively in Europe? That’s the million Euro question! In Europe people learn to play too late and too badly. Usually… Read More »

Barcelona Go Tournament report

Last weekend (February 20th-21st, 2010) 146 players enjoyed the 28th edition of the Barcelona Go tournament; including 80 players from Spain, 35 from France, 20 from Romania, 13 from Czech Republic, and more people from several European countries. The venue was the maths faculty (FME) of the Catalonia Tech University (UPC), which kindly supported the… Read More »

Echoes from the past

[After some posts in Spanish explaining my feelings during my stay in Seoul, I’m returning to write in English] Sometimes I like to see past pictures of people, before I met them. Before you discover the existence of a person, usually you have seen him/her at least a couple of times. I love seeing past… Read More »

Más fotos de Seúl

La señora del profesor Hahn me ha pasado varios links con fotos mías 🙂 En la boda de Seulki, fotos de los novios, y de la gente de nuestra mesa: Fritiof, Sharif, Cho Mikyung 1p, Lee Hajin 3p y servidor Tras la boda, mi despedida en casa del profesor Hahn En la clase de Baduk… Read More »

Boda final

Mi último día en Seúl, en Corea del Sur, fue una boda. Por desgracia, olvidé la cámara, por lo que tendré que esperar a ver las fotos de otros. La boda se celebró en un edificio específico para bodas, enorme, con ¡un ascensor específico para la novia! Más de 500 invitados, la mayoría jugadores de… Read More »

Tes, palacios y más libros

Domingo de paseo. Mi idea principal era reventarme los riñones con té en las innumerables teterías de Insadong. La primera vez que estuve en Insadong me limité a la calle principal, que sólo tiene tiendecitas de porcelanas y otros souvenirs. Pero si te cuelas por los callejones, acabas en rincones de paraíso, donde por 6000… Read More »