A clock with pictures

By | 2007-11-28

Last night I had a look at the public Flickr API, just to have some fun. I discovered it’s really complete, with a lot of possibilities, covering different search approaches. You can easily ask the API for info about pictures, and use the results with imagination.

On the other hand, I was also interested in javascript frameworks. I used to use Prototype, but I wanted to have a look at jQuery.

So I took the opportunity to do something funny using both things:

A clock that uses Flickr pictures containing digits.

Every time the page is loaded, it searches in Flickr for pictures containing a digit, and chooses one picture randomly to represent that digit (most of the time those pictures are neat). Then it exchanges the font digits for images, including the link to the original image (click on a digit to see it). Just this. Isn’t it beautiful?

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