Monthly Archives: June 2008

My hammock

It’s summer already, and that means it’s hot, really hot. I read somewhere that when the air temperature is above 27ºC, your head can’t evacuate enough heat, and you have various related problems (can’t sleep, headaches, etc). For me, this is my second 2008 summer. I spent the first one in Costa Rica, in March.… Read More »

Welsh Go Open

Last weekend I went to North Wales to visit my friend (and English former teacher) Vaughan, and we took part in the Welsh Go Open. Luckily we had sunny weather during the sightseeing days, and quite bad weather during the tournament ones. I noticed the quite big difference between the temperature in Wales (around 15ºC)… Read More »

Tenori-on in Barcelona, finally

This evening Jordi and I went to the first demo of the famous Tenori-on in Barcelona. During the presentation everybody looked at the charming machine intensely, almost ignoring the man who was showing the details. The good part was after the speech, when we had the opportunity of holding this instrument and play a little.… Read More »