Back lights for my bike

By | 2007-11-07

A few moths ago Barcelona’s city council signed a new law for (against) the bicycles. In the last years a lot of people has started to use the bike here, despite the lack of bike paths. Therefore the city council decided to write laws to maintain the order. But Barcelona is not like most of the cities of Europe, regarding the respect for the bikes… I mean: pedestrians walk on the bike paths (I’ve had 2 accidents against them already), cars (and specially courier’s vans) use the bike path as a parking place, and if you try to cycle on a car or bus lane (as the new law recommends) you get a lot of horns sounding.

Home made back lights for my bikeAnyway, following the new law, you must have lights on your bike. So here I am to make some DIY. I bought some LEDs (two 3.5v ones), a resistor (330 Ohm), a battery holder and a 9v battery. Using an Ikea catalogue as worktable, and a soldering iron, I built an easy circuit. As you can see in the picture, the final result is quite nice and neat ūüôā

I’ll test it tonight (if it’s not too cold).

One thought on “Back lights for my bike

  1. Alberto

    ¬°Te recuerdo que la normativa para las bicicletas dice que las luces y reflectores deben ser homologados!

    No recuerdo cu√°nto es la sanci√≥n por no llevar luces ni reflectantes homologados, pero de momento no me consta que se hayan puesto duros con las multas, de momento no las pon√≠an… s√≥lo advert√≠an…

    Por otra parte, el tema de los coches que estacionan en el carril bici es el cachondeo padre! Pero s√≠ que he visto polic√≠as multando a taxis por parar en el carril bici…

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