Monthly Archives: March 2008

A boring squared 1st world

Some years ago I went to Syria, and when I came back, I felt that Europe is a too squared place. Too perfectly designed. Last Thursday I arrived to Madrid, from my 2 week trip to Costa Rica. In that country people have enough money to live, but not to choice among lots of things.… Read More »

Report #6 from Costa Rica

I spent my last two days near Arenal volcano (about 2 km from it). I saw rocks falling down all the time, day and night (when it’s even more impressive, due to the red light colour). I saw more animals, specially colorful birds. Pura vida! Today I’ll come back to Spain. I took a bus… Read More »

Report #5 from Costa Rica

Today I took a bus to Monteverde (actually Santa Elena town). The weather is quite different here in the mountains than it was in the jungle+beach in Corcovado (Drake bay). Warm but peaceful. I did canopy this evening, which is moving among the trees using a rope and a pulley. It was interesting, but more… Read More »

Report #4 from Costa Rica

I took a airplane from San José to Palmar, then a car to Sierpe, and then a boat to Drake Bay (near Corcovado natural park) … and then I arrived to the Paradise. I mean, the real paradise. We had some heavy rain while in the boat, and the captain said “welcome to the rainforest”.… Read More »

Report #3 from Costa Rica

I came back to San José, after a quite long trip by bus. My stay in the jungle was… intense. I took the opportunity to meet with some Go players in San José. They were so kind to invite me to have dinner, while playing some games. I was a bit stronger than them, so… Read More »

Report #2 from Costa Rica

Today we took a boat to move along the rivers and channels of Tortuguero national park. We saw a lot of different birds, monkeys, some alligators (really close to the boat… I mean 1 meter) and some undefined animals (I can hardly remember all those names). Of course, I took pictures non-stop. All the tones… Read More »

Report #1 from Costa Rica

Mr Columbus took 3 months to arrive to America. I took 11 hours, in the stomach of a giant ship. One day later, carrying some jet-lag, I took a bus and then a boat to arrive to Tortuguero, a small town among big rivers and an endless jungle… a place without cars and traffic lights.… Read More »

Is Google better than Sex?

Trying to “blow up the Internet”, I wrote “Google” in the search box of Google… next I tried with “Sex”. I’ve got surprising results: · Google: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,930,000,000 for Google · Sex: Results 1 – 10 of about 638,000,000 for Sex So, is Google at least 3 times better than… Read More »

The last week of winter

This is (hopefully) the last week of “my” winter. Next week I’ll be in Costa Rica, taking pictures jerkily to all those details of the green jungle. And when I’ll come back to the Mediterranean, 2 weeks later, the Sun will have done its homework. It would be nice to live 6 months in a… Read More »