Monthly Archives: July 2007

I want food without containers

Some time ago I wondered how can we reduce the amount of home generated waste. The most important “input” of a house is food, and the biggest “output” is waste. So this means that some part of the input, the food, is responsible for the output. And if you just have a look at your… Read More »

Helping your online reading

Recently I was asked about different issues regarding NLP, due to my PhD studies in that field, and I’ve started reading again about this… Natural Language Processing is a part of the Artificial Intelligence which studies how a computer could understand natural human languages, like English. There are a lot of subjects in NLP, but… Read More »

Barcelona doesn’t like non-ancient mathematicians

Doing some Sunday morning random surf on the net, I found somebody trying to take pictures of streets named after mathematicians in Paris. I started wondering how many streets could I find here in Barcelona with the same subject… No Gauss, Laplace, Euler or Pointcaré… just Archimedes, Pythagoras and some more greek friends. Obviously, with… Read More »