Monthly Archives: October 2007

Don’t be a consultant

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you’re a consultant.” – Scott Adams (the author of Dilbert)

Chinese stealing my code

This page was part of my last project which I developed in my company: Buff catalog. And this page was part of the website of our client’s competitor in China, recently published: KranGear catalog. The funny thing is that their javascript files even include MY comments, in Spanish. The idea was to use a thermometer… Read More »

Time of changes

Post #200, and time of changes. – I’m unemployed now. Eventually I finish my last day in my company. It was somehow a sad day, with lots of “goodbye”, “good luck”, and such… but all my coworkers collect some money and gave me a 200eur voucher for buying a camera! I’ve learned a lot during… Read More »

VIII Spanish Open in Alicante

Finally, this year’s Spanish Open is coming. Next weekend, more than 60 people from the whole Europe will play Go in the University of Alicante. I’m really excited… eager for hitting the first stone on the board. This event is special for me. It’s the first tournament held in my homeland, and in the University… Read More »

Povertry and web 2.0

Thinking further about the subject of the previous post, I can claim that almost all tech companies produce things for the top richest population of the world (I mean, including the 3rd world). Look at Microsoft and their Vista O.S, that can only run in a really expensive machine (expensive even for the Western standards).… Read More »

Helping people from the past

Some time ago I was wondering how we would help the past civilizations if we had a time machine, and could travel to the past to help them. It’s just fantasy, but I daydreamed some ideas… Imagine revealing gunpowder to the Greeks. Or showing a way to create and store electricity to the Roman Empire.… Read More »

The big IEEE fault

Somebody sent me a link to an article about Computer Go, appeared in the “IEEE Spectrum” magazine. It’s quite unbelievable that the author (who was involved in the Deep Blue development) wrote this overall article about the subject, mostly focusing the solution in brute-force… “Brute-force computation has eclipsed humans in chess, and it could soon… Read More »