Monthly Archives: June 2006

A bad day

Yesterday was one of those days where it’s better to not wake up. Maybe the whole week was bad! At the office the bosses were complaining about everything (from timetable to holidays to our time to have lunch) . They are making a lot of changes, and it seems this company is not going to… Read More »

Metaphysics on programming

One of those things which sometimes made me crazy while programming are quotes (single ‘ and double ” quotes). Let me explain… Most of the modern programming languages include a way to manage strings, normally it’s surrounding them with quotes (for example, in PHP: $response=”Hi there!”). The question arrives when you want to add a… Read More »

The best and the worst of summer

Summer is now here! Barcelona is raising the temperature up to 30ºC. The worst part is that it’s too hot. The weather changes suddenly from a comfortable spring temperature to a sticky and sweaty ambient. Your body needs to get used to this heat, and this means at least one week feeling sick and having… Read More »

Engineer in the kitchen

My father usually says “an engineer is a person who solves problems with ingenious ideas”. Both words, engineer and ingenious, have the same latin root: ingenium. Both persons, him and I, are engineers. So I must agree with him! Last Saturday I was in the “Spanish Women’s Go Championships”. Obviously I didn’t play. But I… Read More »

Nothing to say

I want to write every day, but it’s difficult to find interesting issues. I have lots of ideas, but almost all of them seem worthless. Why write or say something which is not adding new information to the reader? Here there are some of my non-adding-information thoughts: Dogs are for the countryside Barcelona is full… Read More »

How many words?

Yesterday I thought about this question: “how many english words do I have in my mind?” . How vast is my English vocabulary? So I have had an idea: to program a small script in PHP which counts words from my English posts here. At the moment, with only 14 entries, the statistics are: ·… Read More »

Travel non-stop

What happens when you start to live in different cities? You actually realized you can’t stop… you can’t stay in one city although you feel it’s the best city to live in. You start to discover the world, and you feel if you stop too long in one city you are losing time. This is… Read More »

Orange’s triumph

Looking at some photos of me in Zürich, I realized that I love my orange T-shirt. Moreover I also enjoy wearing my orange sweater. But the most interesting discovery I made was that the walls of my bedroom are (dark) orange too. Hold on!, also my favourite towel is orange. So I looked for some… Read More »

Biological cleaning

A month ago I drunk the last tea from my old teapot. I neglected it in a corner of the kitchen, with some water and green tea leaves. I thought the cheap iron that it was made of was too old, and the teas didn’t taste good. Today I thought of giving it a second… Read More »