Book zapping

By | 2007-11-25

ReadingThe other day I was speaking with Jordi, while looking for a firewood heater in Encants flea market, when I realized I’m reading a lot of books at the same time. I knew I was reading more than 1 book, but I didn’t notice the exact amount of reading threads.

Let’s enumerate them:

· La Costa de los Mosquitos (The Mosquito Coast), in Spanish, page 304 of 382: A deep novel about ecology, with different approaches to the search of balance between human activities, technology development and the nature. It’s far deeper than the film. It’s lent by my cousin, but I also want to buy it in English.

· Manual de UML (UML Demystified), Spanish, 84 of 224: You’ve guessed it, a book about UML, that I bought a couple of weeks ago, just to refresh my mind and help me drawing ideas of a personal project I want to develop. Easy to follow, but sometimes too boring.

· Fundamentos de Algoritmia (Fundamentals of Algorithmics), Spanish, chapter 1: A technical book that I read jumping randomly from one chapter to another. But I should read it from beginning to end.

· Ajax in Action, English, 226/560: I have it on the night table, and its really deep, plenty of ideas to apply. Unluckily it’s not comfortable to hold, so I read it from time to time.

· Moreover I have “STL Pocket Reference” in my coat’s pocket, just to peek methods and algorithms while I’m on the bus or underground. And “Dive into Python” (PDF version) in my PDA, to read in darkness.

The other day I received “Accelerated C++“, and I’m eager to start reading it, cause it looks like a real C++ book, more focused in the C++ own capabilities than the classical “from C to C++” approach. And next week another parcel will arrive with Efficient C++, The Cathedral & the Bazaar and Joel on Software.

I need more eyes!!