Monthly Archives: January 2008

A PDA with Linux

I’m used to read PDFs while in bed, on my Acer PDA. But its tiny resolution (320×240) didn’t help a clear reading, therefore I started to look for a bigger device, it must be easy to hold but not too big. So I avoided those e-readers, and focused on PDAs with bigger resolution. And then… Read More »

A farmer

I should have been a farmer, or a gardener. Every single plant grows on my rough hands. Is it me?, or is the nature so beautiful? Even a garlic clove! a bad UI case

In the last year I flew 24 times. Too many times, according to those ecological footprint quizs. So I decided to give another try to the train, for my usual Barcelona-Alicante trip. Unluckily in Spain the train’s company, “Renfe”, is really prehistoric: there are always delays, tickets are expensive (domestic flights are cheaper and quicker),… Read More »

Welcome 2008, warming up again

I stayed one week in London, during the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008. I had a really nice time there, took part in a Go tournament with excellent results, and did a lot of sightseeing beneath the cold and dark sky. I took a lot of pictures, as well. It was an… Read More »