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La democracia directa ¿es una opción?

Dicen que el actual modo de gobierno, la democracia representativa, es el sistema menos malo. Votas cada 4 años por unos gobernantes que se encargan de decidir por ti en la gestión del país. Sin embargo con la tecnología actual (desde internet en si al blockchain) se podría implementar una democracia con participación directa, en… Read More »

Mapeando Seúl con OpenStreetMap

Hace años si querías ver un mapa de un lugar te tocaba abrir el atlas, ese libro con mapas del mundo. O, alternativamente, los mapas cartográficos del ejército. Pero con la llegada de internet, pronto apareció la versión electrónica de la Guía Michelin, y luego Google Maps y similares. Hoy en día todo el mundo… Read More »

Links about quality website development

Just for reference, here I’m writing down some interesting links I’ve recently seen about quality while developing and maintaining websites. Website quality checklist Usability checklist PHP good programming recommendations List for creating a good landing page Monitoring your site (up/down, response time) from different places That’s enough to keep me busy for months. But these… Read More »

Deal with soft SPAM

Adverts are everywhere. And they try to get your focus at all prices. I hate that. Even these days, that in theory they send you proper tailored adverts matching your needs, I get annoyed… because actually you just get SPAM. Moreover, in Internet we have something that I call “soft SPAM“, that basically doesn’t sell… Read More »

Good password trick

· You shouldn’t use the same password in different places. · You should change your password from time to time. Despite these 2 basic rules, most people has just 2 or 3 passwords, and use them everywhere. So I’d like to share the following trick, that I heard from my former boss: good password =… Read More »

My favourite TED Talks

I discovered TED Talks some years ago. I think the first one I saw was Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice. A really interesting one. But at that time I saw it on youtube. I didn’t explicitly go to the TED Talks website, I just saw some talks on youtube, or google video. Some… Read More »

The “read it all” challenge

Nowadays we don’t read, we scan. Internet is an amazing source of information, but somehow we have evolved our reading to cope with the huge amount of information on the net, not reading deeply any more, and just scanning. This is no news, as everybody has noticed it, and actually the famous usability evangelist, Jakob… Read More »

Limiting the stream

Some months ago I deleted my facebook account. And some weeks ago I removed my account on friendfeed. Why? Despite I liked it, I found out that it took me a lot of time. Actually the problem is simpler that you could expect: friendfeed is a too good aggregator. That is, it posts all the… Read More »