Monthly Archives: December 2006

Time to summarize this year

The 3 best things of this year 2006: – (Re)Discovering the bike: The perfect vehicle for the city. The ecological concepts: do you know it consumes only 0.1 litres per 100km (in petrol car consumption equivalence), and its fuel is biodegradable? The feeling of a free spirit riding a bike. – My trip to Zürich:… Read More »

Zen and peace, join design and code

I’ve just finished reading the best technical book I’ve held on my hands this year: “The Zen of CSS design“. Using the famous “CSS Zen Garden” website, it speaks about design, CSS, and standards on Internet. It’s not a CSS reference book (but it cleverly shows the common css pitfalls), and it’s not a design… Read More »

Creativity tracks

Some days ago I was thinking about a better way to value my vocabulary. Months ago I programmed a small word counter, but it was too simple and boring. I wanted to create something more interesting, more visual, like to show when and where I have written the most creative words. How to measure creativity?… Read More »