Monthly Archives: December 2007

I won the lightning tournament!!

One of the sides events of the London Tournament was the Lightning Tournament, where you play Go (with handicap) with a really short time per player. During the qualifications the time was 10 minutes per player (sudden death, i.e. without byo-yomi), and in the knock-out finals it was 12 minutes. I won 5 in a… Read More »

Next stop, London

In a couple of hours I’ll be boarding in a plane to London. I’m going to take part in the London Tournament, and days later do some sightseeing. See you! Happy next year!

Possible places to visit

I write this here just to keep the list in an accessible place 😉 Destination Reason Dates Amsterdam, The Netherlands Go May 10-11 Carcassonne, France Tourism a weekend Canada Tourism Cormons & Venezia, Italy Go May 31-June 1 Costa Rica Tourism Dublin, Ireland Go March 1-2 Dubrovnik, Croatia Tourism Formentera, Spain Tourism January Granada, Spain… Read More »

DIY greenhouse

How can I build a greenhouse, a small one that fits in the balcony, to let my tomatoes become red? This question have been bouncing inside my mind during some weeks. With the cold weather my tomato’s plant can’t grow red tomatoes. I was expecting its death, but for some reason the plant continues blossoming.… Read More »