Monthly Archives: April 2009

Weekly senses exercise

Reading a so so article about brain improvement and the excellent book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat“, I mixed up some ideas, until arrived to this one: try to focus on only one sense each day of the week. Of course you always have all senses in “active” mode, but the… Read More »

New DIY Greenhouse

Here you have my new super-greenhouse! 130x120x50cm Material needed: – 130x90cm 5mm glass – 2.5m wood stick (x2) – 2x1m polystyrene-glass surface – 100ml of water resistant paint Lessons learned: – Julio, stop thinking about building things! – Pine tree wood is not convenient for outdoor, despite is the cheapest wood. They say teakwood is… Read More »

Time of changes

The economic meltdown seems to encourage new ideas to blossom up, making classical product borders less noticeable. I’m focusing on hardware technological products today, but this probably applies to all kind of products, even financial ones. I’m going to show you a couple of interesting examples I saw in the last few days: – Open… Read More »