Possible places to visit

By | 2007-12-08

I write this here just to keep the list in an accessible place 😉

Destination Reason Dates
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Go May 10-11
Carcassonne, France Tourism a weekend
Canada Tourism
Cormons & Venezia, Italy Go May 31-June 1
Costa Rica Tourism
Dublin, Ireland Go March 1-2
Dubrovnik, Croatia Tourism
Formentera, Spain Tourism January
Granada, Spain Tourism
Hamburg, Germany Go May 17-18
Helsinki, Finland Go February 9-10
Isle of Man, UK Go August 17-22
Loire Castles, France Tourism
London, UK Go December 27-January 3
Malta Tourism
Mont Saint Michel, France Tourism
Prague, Czech Republic Go
Rome, Italy Tourism
Wales Go June

*Go means “Go Tournament” plus “Tourism”

Any other suggestion?