I won the lightning tournament!!

By | 2007-12-31

One of the sides events of the London Tournament was the Lightning Tournament, where you play Go (with handicap) with a really short time per player. During the qualifications the time was 10 minutes per player (sudden death, i.e. without byo-yomi), and in the knock-out finals it was 12 minutes. I won 5 in a row in the qualifications, and then 3 more games in the finals, getting the FIRST position, with a prize of 100£. Incredible!!

Moreover, I formed a group with Lluis (my teacher, 6 dan from Korea), for taking part in the Rengo tournament (2 players against other 2), and we did a good job, getting the first position (without prize money).

In the main tournament, my result was more normal (4 win, 3 lost), but I especially enjoyed all the side events. A really interesting tournament to keep in mind.

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