DIY greenhouse

By | 2007-12-06

DIY greenhouse How can I build a greenhouse, a small one that fits in the balcony, to let my tomatoes become red?

This question have been bouncing inside my mind during some weeks. With the cold weather my tomato’s plant can’t grow red tomatoes. I was expecting its death, but for some reason the plant continues blossoming. So I decided to give it an opportunity. And the way to let it do its best is giving it a house. But how can I build a greenhouse?

The plastic is a bathroom curtain (1 euro at Ikea). I took the opportunity to change the old curtain and gave it a second use. On the other hand, this morning I found a clothes horse (to dry the laundry) on the street. Somebody had decided to throw it, because one leg was broken. And I gave it a second use. I joined the pieces, and… voilà, a greenhouse. It’s so warm inside 🙂

I hope I’ll have red tomatoes and peppers soon!

2 thoughts on “DIY greenhouse

  1. jochan

    hey,thats great idea!!i want to plant tomatoes this time-do you know if my plant will grow?i have not idea about that..

  2. Julio Post author

    The plant only grow in summer, I guess. The greenhouse is to maintain the plant during winter… and to get red tomatoes!

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