Go in Bournemouth

By | 2006-08-02

Yesterday I had an excellent time playing Go!

I looked for some Go players in Bournemouth (where I’m staying for my holidays), and I found a phone number at the British Go Association website. I rang him and we arranged a meeting. He was totally surprised: he received a call from a player with a Spanish accent, looking forward for some games. I went to his house, and I met some local players, from 1 dan to double-digit kyus.

My first game, my presentation letter, was a chain of tough fightings! Kiai from Barcelona. “What a surprise!, normally Bournemouth players are really agressive, so it is strange to see one of them being attacked”, my host said. I played two more games, and we spoke a lot… about Go politics and such things. Surprisingly they have the same problems like us, for example, there is a really strong player in the city (I think he is 5 dan) but they avoid to see him because he belongs to a sect.

Also I promoted Barcelona’s tournament, because it’s easy to arrive from Bournemouth airport (to Girona). So maybe next year we will have some British players 🙂