Come back to Spain

By | 2006-08-14

Beach-line and pierFinally, after staying for 2 weeks in Bournemouth (UK), I came back to Spain last Saturday. This stay was like a fire-drill (or a trial-run), a way to verify my skills with English language. I was travelling alone, I met some gentlemen Go players, I studied some English, etc. The result, as you can see, is quite satisfactory. And my laptop and I overcame the horrible restrictions in British airports without problems!

The pictures!

So now I think I’m ready to work in a foreign country, outside of Spain. Beware of me! 😉

I was two weeks in UK and it never rained (but neither sunny)… and I arrived to Barcelona and it was heavily raining! Anyway I carried on travelling, to Alicante, to stay some days with my family. And the best way to start with is watching the “Nit de l’Albà” in Elche. An unbelievable demostration of fireworks; thousand of them fill in the sky 🙂 The real thing!