Good password trick

By | 2013-04-19

· You shouldn’t use the same password in different places.
· You should change your password from time to time.

Despite these 2 basic rules, most people has just 2 or 3 passwords, and use them everywhere. So I’d like to share the following trick, that I heard from my former boss:

good password = your usual password + first character of the website/place’s name + last digit of the year

For example: if your usual password is “sadshoes”, and you are setting it on facebook, your new password should be “sadshoesf3” (“f” from facebook and “3” from 2013).

This will be far more stronger than just “sadshoes”, and if somebody breaks your password, he will only be able to enter in facebook. This will also force you to change your password every year.

Other stuff about passwords:
· Do not think that somebody will try “manually” to break your password; nowadays a bot will try to break your password using a long list of common words used as passwords.
· Never use pure words, or concatenated words, alone: bots also try these.
· Moreover using common text-to-digit translations, like “LOVE” to “L0V3”, is not secure: bots also try these!

One thought on “Good password trick

  1. Xanday

    I do something like that and feel my “algorithm” would be too simple to guess for other sites if one is known… manually.

    Here goes my advice. Since it’s not good to use words, try using the first letters of songs or stuff like that. Like: “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy” HIJMYATUC and then add the f3 ^_^

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