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Being social on Internet (2009 summary)

Last year was the social webs era on Internet (*). After experiencing some social webs, I could say what some analysts predict: general social webs (like Facebook) will collapse soon, and only subject oriented webs (like Flickr) will continue living. I have previously spoken about some of those websites, like Friendfeed or Facebook. But let… Read More »

Focus on week basis

Sometime ago I decided to arrange my free time during the week (mostly evenings) with my hobbies and things to learn. I set each week day with an activity, like Monday for climbing, Tuesday for composing, etc… It doesn’t really work. The problem is that you have to wait a full week to do the… Read More »

Time of changes

The economic meltdown seems to encourage new ideas to blossom up, making classical product borders less noticeable. I’m focusing on hardware technological products today, but this probably applies to all kind of products, even financial ones. I’m going to show you a couple of interesting examples I saw in the last few days: – Open… Read More »

Sixth Sense

In my previous work I enjoyed when some coworkers tried “visual things” using a webcamera and a soft to recognize hands, fingers and such. This morning I saw a video with the last research on the field… impressive: Link to the video Which technology will win in the input world? Cameras or multi-touch screens?

La Maison en Petits Cubes

Perhaps, the only interesting detail to look at the winning Oscar list of each year is the short animation section nominees. Some years this Oscar goes to a western author, but I love when it goes to an Asian author… then I try to find the short on Internet, expecting a beautiful flow of images,… Read More »

A galactic empire of data

Speaking with a friend, an old game came to my mind. 15 years ago I started playing “Elite II“, a space trade game, probably one of the firsts where there is no final objective, just interaction with the world. You could trade items between star systems, do all kind of jobs, improve your ship getting… Read More »