Echoes from the past

By | 2010-02-13

[After some posts in Spanish explaining my feelings during my stay in Seoul, I’m returning to write in English]

Sometimes I like to see past pictures of people, before I met them. Before you discover the existence of a person, usually you have seen him/her at least a couple of times. I love seeing past Go tournaments pictures, and say “hey, now I know this person, but in that time I had no idea of who was him/her”.

What I never thought about is that somebody had pictures of me and later met me. Recently one of the people I met in Korea, Hwa-Seo (Hahn’s wife), sent me a link with pictures. Before I left Korea, I wrote down my name and email in a paper, and gave it to her. She told me my name rang a bell… now I know the probable reason. Among her picture collection, I found a picture of me and Jordi, 2 years ago, while organizing the 1st Alicante’s tournament!

That tournament was the “Korean Ambassador’s Cup”. Mr.Hahn was the originator of this tournament. Looks like Lluis Oh, or his wife Elena, took that picture and sent it to her. Amazing!